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B2B Hamelendreef

B2B Hamelendreef has been providing the desired logistical support to companies for over 20 years. We organise your entire logistics chain, from storage to transport. Thanks to these years of experience, we provide customised follow-up for the entire logistics process. You can opt for one of our services or a combination thereof so that you can focus on your company's core business.

You can entrust B2B Hamelendreef for storage, packaging, and document management solutions, as well as offices and workspaces. Services that are outside of our range can still always be included in your logistics process because we work together with other companies who do cover these.

Discover our services Tienen


Storage areas

Looking for the right kind of storage space in the Tienen-Leuven region? At B2B Hamelendreef, the storage space is set up according to your product. It is always possible to expand your storage area.

We guarantee complete logistical support from the product's arrival to its departure. You can also use the following supporting logistical services:

  • order picking
  • labelling
  • repackaging



The packaging of goods can be done manually, semi-automatically, or fully automated. We package your product in the material that you provided.

We package products in the following materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Blister
  • Wood
  • Metal

You can also contact B2B Hamelendreef for industrial packaging and creating your displays. In order to guarantee an excellent result, we always monitor the packaging. We will find the ideal packaging solution for your product together with you.


Document management

We can digitise all your documents, such as invoices, technical drawings, and photographs. A document management system (DMS) will benefit your company as well, regardless of whether you're an SME or a major player in the market.

Confidential documents can be physically stored in locked areas and you determine who can request this data. Based on a unique barcode that can be allocated to the documents, you can review everything, both online or physically. All documents can be easily inputted into other company packages.


Offices and meeting rooms

The first impression is always important, including the one you make on your customers. By leasing one of our offices, you can meet your customers, have meetings, or brainstorm with your entire team in a professional setting.

There are different sizes of office spaces available and you can also opt to lease a furnished office. Our business spaces are always easily accessible and the necessary parking options are available. You also have full control over how long you lease the space.


Production and workspaces

You can also contact B2B Hamelendreef for production and workspaces.

Our spaces:

  • Can be expanded
  • Can be laid out the way you want
  • Are easily accessible and close to a large carpark
  • Are equipped with the necessary technological resources

Moreover, it is always possible to lease both a production space and an office close to that space.

Administrative headquarters

NV Distrilog Holding
Hamelendreef 66 bus 6
3300 Tienen

Company number: 0463.814.705
VAT number: BE 0463.814.705
RLE location: Leuven


If you have questions or would like to request a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or the formula below.

NV Distrilog Holding
Hamelendreef 66 bus 6
3300 Tienen

016/89 54 95